Tuesday, September 11, 2012

YAY I have a FRIEND!!!

Well, a running buddy anyway!  We dropped our boys off at school this morning and then we both went for a run in the park!  It was GREAT!  Susie really enjoyed her time in the baby jogger - that made it even better!  The weather was PERFECT - a chilly 56 degrees!  I am really REALLY starting to get excited about the fall!  I even came home today and started a pork roast - that just SCREAMS autumn to me! HAHA!   

We only did 3 miles today and WOW have I lost my running base.  I'll just have to get it back!  We ran 2 miles straight, walked for a half mile, and ran the last half mile.  I'm not sure if it was ALL because of my running lapse - I think pushing that jogger added a whole new dimension!  It's nice to have a buddy - and the best part is, we are about the same fitness level!  I was always afraid of getting a buddy and slowing them down!  I'm really looking forward to running with her!

Colin's first day of school was awesome!  He asked me if he could go back after dinner.  I said "how about after breakfast tomorrow?"  He agreed to that. HA!  I'm glad he is so excited!  I wonder what grade that excitement starts to wear off?

I went to my first PTA meeting tonight.  It was interesting - I'm not a big joiner though so I don't know.  It was fun to hear about all the fundraising they do.  They don't do those traditional "buy something from my kid" fundraisers.  They do all sorts of different things - one of which is a jog a thon!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea!  The kids get people to sponsor them per lap they do around the track.  Colin is going to go nuts when he hears about that!  I really like his school - it feels very family oriented.  I love that!

Well, I'm off - I'm still having issues with these meds.  They make me VERY tired and I have gained a few pounds since starting them.  I'm hoping by picking back up with running I can combat the weight gain.  Seriously though - it is like HEAVEN to be rid of those pains!  They were getting REALLY bad!!!

Have a WONDERFUL night!  Thanks for reading!! -Monica


  1. Jogging strollers are really, really hard to run with. I HATE running with mine, and will do almost anything to avoid it.

    Although, it could be that my jogging stroller was bought for my first son who will be 14 on Sunday . . . so it's about 14 years old. :-/ I think it's time for a new one, but they are so expensive!

    1. I love running with my daughter so I'll deal - it really does seem a lot harder! I have a brand new one - the one we had with our son was total crap and we sold it. This one was not too bad - it was less thatn $150. We put it on layaway so that made it easier to buy. It pushes so well - it's very smooth and fluid. Still - 24lbs of baby is 24lbs of baby!!!