Friday, September 21, 2012

Took an easy day...

Can you blame me?  I'm still kind of freaked out from yesterday!  I didn't have another attack - or whatever you'd call it.   Pete stayed home today because I was really worried about being alone with the kids.  I think I'm going to be ok now though.  I'm really thankful to him for staying with me.  He is such a wonderful hubby!

Today, while Colin was in school, we decided to go to Kmart and put the last few Christmas gifts on layaway.  It's SO impossible to do that when he is around!  While we were there we noticed that the clothes dryer that we had been eyeing was on a MAJOR clearance!  It was knocked down from $500 to $200!!  We didn't HAVE $200 so we decided to put it on layaway with the Christmas stuff and this would be OUR Christmas gift!  The cool thing is that there was a special today where the layaway fee was waived!  Cool!  We also decided to put a new drill on there for Peter - he finally ran his into the ground and it just does not work anymore.  It was a faithful old drill and had a long and arduous life!  :-)  We found out after we put all this stuff on layaway that there is some promotion going on where one person's layaway at each store every week will be paid off by the store!  HOLY COW could you IMAGINE?!  Now THERE is something I would really LOVE to win!  Cross your fingers - while we can swing the layaway, getting it for free would be a HUGE help for Christmas!  HUGE!

I just have to brag on my son for a minute!  Colin is a REALLY good reader!  I'm VERY proud of him - he really loves it and he is quite good at it!  His teacher sent home a note that he didn't have homework for the weekend because he already tested out of the assignments for that week!  I wanted to swoop him up and hug him for that!  Way to go wildman!!  He also brought home a catalog for the book fair.  Let me just say that I LOVED the book fair when I was a kid!  I am SO excited for him!  I don't think he is terribly excited - but I am!  HA!

Tonight I sat down and wrapped all the Christmas presents that we had purchased over the past year.  We did pretty good actually!  It looks like each kid will get 12 gifts.  They are mostly small and go together - like Colin got a TAG reader and some books and games that go with it.  Susie got a little girl's dollhouse and some of the bedroom set things that go with it.  Then there are two big gifts for them to share from Santa and one personal gift each from Santa.  The only thing I have left to get are stocking stuffers and we usually keep those pretty small.  Oh yeah baby, Christmas is DONE!  I feel accomplished!!

I'm getting REALLY excited for my race!  AAHH!!!  I can't wait!  I think I have a good chance at a PR!

Thanks for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL night! -Monica


  1. It's September and you are done with your Christmas shopping?? I am super impressed. I usually don't even start until December, even though I always say I'm going to do it early.

    1. I kind of do it a little throughout the year. I can't afford to do it all at once. This way - the kids get an awesome Christmas! That always makes me SO happy! I LOVE the look on their faces!!!