Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The day ended better than it started!

This morning I was really down in the dumps.  I've been really having a hard time with this weight stagnation.  I KNOW it's from the medication and I KNOW I've been doing everything I can.  I KNOW I'm weaning myself off the meds.  I am just FRUSTRATED.  I know I sound like a big baby - but it's SO HARD to deal with the fact that I've worked my tail off and the simple act of taking a pill can derail that.  Today I'm down to one pill - I'm going to do that for another day or two.  Today the pains came back.  What fun.  That constant buzzy, electrical feeling is back.  I HATE that feeling.  I hate being fat even more though.

Anyway - today I did a lot of walking.  Pete had a half day so we met up with Nelly and her son and we went to the local children's museum.  We tried to see the Avengers at the second run movies - but Susie was NOT cooperating.  I left Pete and Colin in the theater and took Susie to run some errands.  When we got back and were waiting in the parking lot, Pete and Colin came out.  Colin kept saying he was too tired.  SOME DAY we will get the see that whole movie!  We tried once before at the drive ins - no go.  What I've seen was AWESOME and I can't wait until it comes out on DVD!

Tomorrow is my run - I'm feeling less than excited about it.  It's funny how you can feel achy when you are depressed.  Weird.

I'm going to call it a night.  It was a very busy day and I am exhausted!

Oh - one funny thing - remember that soup I made yesterday?  Today I got the kids served for lunch and I sat down next to Colin with my soup.  He sniffed and said "Uh Oh Mommy - Susie pooped her diaper."  I laughed and told him he probably smelled my soup (lots of broccoli - remember?) so he leaned over and sniffed my bowl and he exclaimed "OH  MOMMY - you're DISGUSTING!". HA!  I guess he won't be eating any of that wonderful soup!!!

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful night! -Monica

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