Thursday, September 6, 2012

I did it!

I registered for two races!  The first one is a 5k at the end of this month and the second one is a 10k on Thanksgiving morning!  YAY!  and YIKES!  I had better get my ass back in gear so I'm ready for that 10k!  I'm really excited about the Thanksgiving race!  It looks like it is going to be a TON of fun!  I couldn't afford the race shirt - I'm kinda bummed about that - but at least I could do the race!  Anyway - there are going to be Christmas carols, a visit from Santa - lots of fun family stuff!  I think my son will really enjoy it AND I'll be setting a good, healthy example.  Not to mention burning off enough calories to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. HA!

We saw my Mom off tonight.  It was SO incredibly hard to say goodbye.  My poor little boy, he cried the ENTIRE hour and a half from the airport back to home.  My heart is absolutely broken.  I miss my Mom so much and I miss her even more for the kids.  It's going to be a hard couple of days here, at least until my son can refocus on something else.  I'm glad he loves her so much, I just wish she lived closer.  That or I wish we were wealthier so we could visit more than once every year or so.  I'm trying to stay positive, I know we can always skype - it's not quite the same though.  Skype can't give you a kiss goodnight and I KNOW Colin is really missing Grandma's goodnight tuck in service.  :-)

This morning I took the dog on a 2.5 mile run.  PHEW it was HARD!!  I hate running from my house - it's so friggin hilly around here.  I was SOOOOOOOOOOOo slow.  It was pathetic.  Oh well - just a sign that I need to get off my ass and get back on track.  I'm glad I signed up for those two races - that should get me going in the right direction! 

Oh - and I updated my measurements.  I'm not seeing anything all that impressive.  I must be measuring differently, because there is no way I would be down 2 sizes when my inches are not that much smaller.  Oh well - no worries.  It's not REALLY about the measurements - is it?! 

Wish me luck - I'm having a hard time with these new meds.  They make me SO tired.  I don't think I can take them during the day.  there is no way I could take care of the kids with me being that zonked out.  I hope that eventually wears off.  I don't want the pains to come back - but I don't want to be a zombie either!

Colin's first day of Kindergarten is next week!  I STILL can't believe my baby is old enough for Kindergarten!  I'm hoping I can fit my runs in while he is in school.  I will have to play it by ear for now and see how it goes.  I can always put Susie in the baby jogger.  I'm REALLY looking forward to the fall - both temperature wise and back to school wise!

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful night!! -Monica

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