Friday, September 14, 2012

Brooks must really like me!!

If you've been reading my blog for a while,  you know that I won a pair of brooks running shoes a few months ago.  That was SO awesome!  It was SO unexpected but so very exciting!  Tonight we went to the On Your Feet Friday event that we have been going to since June.  Basically it's a fund raising effort to build a foot bridge to connect two popular running parks in town which are separated by a river.  You get a little check sheet and it's like a scavenger hunt - you have to go to each of the businesses listed on the check list and get a stamp from them.  Everyone has to be back at the running store in 45 minutes.  For every stamp you get they will give you a raffle ticket.  They do a bunch of raffles - giving away things from the businesses you just walked to as well as stuff from the shoe company that is sponsoring that month.  This month was Brooks.  Now, now - don't jump to conclusions - I didn't win another pair of shoes - although that would have been SWEET!  Pete and I have been to every single one of these events - they are a LOT of fun!  We have never won a thing though - there are a good 300 people who participate so it's kind of a small chance of winning.  Maybe I should quickly go and buy a scratch ticket cause lady luck was smiling on us tonight!  I won a brooks technical hat and a brooks goody bag which consisted of  a nice lightweight bag, a mini flashlight, a rubber bracelet, a glass pilsner glass, a sweat towel, some motivational pins, and a collapsible clip on water bottle.  Cool right?  It gets better!  Peter won a 30 minute massage from a local salon/spa.  He gave it to me! :-P  My friend Nelly won TWO of the Brooks goody bags!  I mean SERIOUSLY?  How stinking awesome is that!!

     Just as we were getting close to the last check mark, Colin fell - and he fell HARD.  He landed on both knees on concrete.  He was bleeding a bit but you could tell he was going to have some serious bruises.  Poor kid.  He was SO upset about it.  He was over tired too - you could tell he wanted to leave.  When we got home he was asleep within 3 minutes!  Susie fell asleep in the car on the way home.  I wish I didn't have to stay up until 11 to take my pill, otherwise I would be asleep by now too!

My legs are KILLING me!  Remember my vow to step up the activity level?  WHOA did I ever do that today!  I walked/ran Colin to school this morning - we were late so we jogged a good part of the way - that was a half mile.  After I dropped him off - which took about 10 minutes, I went on a run with Susie.  Pete was running late this morning so he took the car to work.  I decided I would run downtown and get the car.  It ended up being 3.5 miles from the school to his work.  I ran mostly on concrete but I did a little on asphalt and there was a torturous stint where I ran on bark chips.  OMG I hate trail running.  I don't know how people do it.  I feel like my feet are sinking!  I didn't run the ENTIRE way - I probably walked 10 minutes out of the 45 that it took to get there.  Some of those hills were BRUTAL!  I could barely WALK up them, let alone run up one pushing a jogging stroller!  One of them was so bad I was not sure I could even get to the top!  Put this on top of the 3 miles I ran yesterday and WHOOF!

Well, I am pretty exhausted.  I'm thinking I am going to take my pill 15 minutes early because I just can not stay awake any longer!  I hope that won't be a problem!

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful night!! -Monica


  1. Whoa! I think you deserve to go to bed that 15 mins early (I'm sure it shouldn't affect your meds seeing as it's so close) you did awesome! And how lucky are you?! Want to pass some of that this way? :P

    Hope Colin's knee is ok :)

    1. I waited.... I'm such a chicken about medication! I'll tell ya - I'm REALLY sore this morning! I'm going to check the weather - if it's not too hot after my hubby's appointment, I'm going to go running again - I'm curious to see if I'm any faster without the stroller!

      I can't believe I won that stuff! I've been wanting to win one of those goody bags for five months!!! I was dying to see what was in them! I think they were all different - I saw that one company gave away running socks!

      Today I'm going to a weight watcher's open house - they have prizes there too. I think I'll bring Nelly with me - she seems to be my lucky charm! HA!

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    1. That's so funny - I'm TOTALLY the opposite! I hate running on the treadmill! I love HAVING the treadmill - especially if it's not possible to run outside - but now that my son is in school I LOVE that I have the chance to be out in the fresh air! Why do you hate running outside?

  3. That's so cool! I love Brooks! I have a pair of Adrenalines. I just bought my oldest son his first pair of Brooks this morning - he is on his High School's Cross Country team. So proud :)

    1. I love them too! I have a pair of Dyads! Congrats on your son making the team!! May those Brooks serve him well! :-)