Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh what a night - mid september back in 2012....

Ok - I couldn't resist - if you don't get the song reference in the title of this post then I'm sorry once again. HA!  Last night was awful!  Colin woke up at about 3am screaming his brains out.  Apparently his backpack casts a shadow on his wall that looks like a monster.  He was in hysterics.  His screaming woke Susie.  I went in to comfort her and found that she was absolutely soaked through.  She needed an emergency bath and a complete change of bed linens.  At 3 am.  Needless to say, 7 am came very early.

Since we were up all night, Pete overslept for work and had to take the car.  I walked Colin to school and decided to run the 3 miles to Pete's work to get the car.  It was an AWESOME run!  Granted, most of it was downhill - but there were two HIDEOUS uphills!  I didn't walk a single step!  I did pause my garmin whenever I came to a crosswalk but I finished 3 miles in 40 minutes and 2 seconds!  I'm getting closer to my PR!  Good thing too!  My 5k is on Sunday!  I'm getting pretty excited about it!

Tomorrow I have a 3.5 mile run planned - cross your fingers it isn't too hot!  I'm seriously tired of this heat!  I am toying with the idea of doing zumba tomorrow night but I don't know - I don't want to overdo anything the week of a race!

Sorry for another short post.  I'm really really tired!  I'll try to put some pictures of something up tomorrow - I know these have gotten a bit bland lately!

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful night! -Monica

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