Thursday, September 13, 2012

What a busy - activity filled day!

Let me preface this by saying I did not sit for more than 10 minutes all day long today!  I don't know if this is all that interesting to anyone - but here is how the day played out.

First I was awakened by the sound of my daughter falling out of my bed and onto the hardwood floor.  She is completely fine, I contacted the doctor and she is totally fine.  It was still really scary though.  Daddy got up to do something, but he forgot to put a pillow or something on his side so she didn't roll out.  She doesn't normally sleep with us, but she has been having a really hard time sleeping lately so last night we gave in and brought her in our bed.  Anyway - when Pete got up, Susie rolled out on his side.  At first I didn't know what the bang was, and then she started crying.  OH my heart BROKE!!!  She must have fallen directly on her nose.  She never had any bumps or bruises - just a slightly bloody nose.  Thank GOD she is ok!  I really was scared to death.

Then I walked Colin to school.  It's about a mile round trip.  I got back home and got Susie loaded into the car so I could meet Nelly for a run.  Today was really great - Nelly inivited her friend Tiff.  I had never met her before but she was SO nice!  It's funny how much you can have in common with someone you have never met before!  I hope she joins us all the time!  We all ran 3 miles - it took us 41 minutes which was MUCH better than Tuesday's run!  It's funny - I couldn't figure why I had slowed down so much.  I am beginning to suspect it's the extra 24 lbs I'm pushing in the jogging stroller!  Maybe it's speedwork in disguise!  I'm going to get to my race without the stroller and I'll PR! HA!

After we ran, I dropped off a book at the library and then went to the grocery store.  That was a short trip because I had to go pick Colin up from school.  Once I got him, we went home and had lunch.  I had a ham sandwich and a salad that was LOADED with colorful veggies - it was awesome!  Susie stole so much lettuce, I'm not sure I could still call what I was eating a salad!  I had a few errands to run after lunch.  Nelly called and we decided to meet at the library so the boys could play.  They had SO much fun!!  Colin really loves her son and her son loves Colin AND Susie!  After that we both took the kids to McDonald's for some icecream - it was SUCH a hot day and it really hit the spot!  Plus, McD's ice cream is low fat!  SCORE! 

After our treat, I got in the car to go home and it wouldn't start.  We have had to have 3 jump starts in the past month.  We KNEW this day was coming, but it came a little sooner than we were ready for.  Our battery died.  Thankfully I tried one more time and got it to turn over.  I was afraid to turn it off because I KNEW it would never start again!  I called Pete and he told me to go get a new one.  I drove to the other side of town and was told it would be an hour.  Here we are about 20 minutes away from dinner, the kids were grouchy - it was 90 degrees out.  This was NOT fun.  I decided to take the kids to the dollar store for some coloring books.  Just as we got to the door, who should walk out but Nelly and her son!  It was really funny!  I told her what happened so she decided to help us burn some time.  We walked around the dollar store and the boys had a sword fight. HA!  Don't ask.  It was crazy!  Colin and Susie soon made it known that they had to eat RIGHT NOW.  So we walked to McDonalds - yes our SECOND trip in one day. Yikes.  The kids had happy meals and I had a plain mcchicken and a small fry - TOTALLY within my points budget.

Got home and got the kids into their jammies.  That is when I noticed Susie's skin.  She had a rash for a few days but the doc told me it was nothing.  Well, it's not nothing anymore.  She was COVERED tonight.  I called the nurse once again and she thinks it might be Fifth disease.  Joy.  Thankfully we have all had it here.  Colin had it but not THIS bad.  I'm going to have to take her to the doc tomorrow.

WHAT A DAY!  I'm BEAT!  I earned 29 weight watcher's points on my pedometer.  WOWSERS!  I was planning on doing Zumba before the battery died.  I really would have had a nice stash of points then!

Wow - sorry for the novel tonight.  It really was a BUSY day!  Like I said - I didn't even sit down for 10 minutes all day!  I am pretty proud of myself - day one of my decision to up my activity and I think I've stepped up the the challenge!

Thanks for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL night - and after today's post, perhaps a Valium! HAHAHA!  -Monica

p.s. - sometimes when I type my blog I can almost hear the theme song for Dougie Howser. HA!  Remember how he used to blog way back then?  He was ahead of his time!

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